About us

CompuJax, LLC. was founded because we have encountered so many businesses in the technology industry that continuously hurt their customers by trying to “fit a square peg into a round hole”. That is to say that companies so often do things in their business that don’t make any sense and aren’t in the best interest of their customers. Often times, the cookie cutter approach just doesn’t work.

Because of this, our mission is simple:

Our customers come first, and every team member is authorized to do whatever it takes to ensure that our customers are properly taken care of.

If it makes sense, we do it. If it doesn’t make sense, we don’t do it. If it used to make sense but not longer does? We stop doing that immediately and pivot to what does make sense.

Our core values:

1. Golden rule – Treat others as you want to be treated

2. Safety first! – we will never ask/expect anyone on our team to do anything that they do not feel to be safe

3. Feel empowered – All team members have the authority to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy