CIO/CTO Services

Our virtual CIO/CTO Service provides Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) leadership services to small and medium-sized companies. We offer interim and on-going CIO/CTO services from day-to-day management of your information technology to IT planning. Our CIO/CTO experience will help your company with IT Project Management, Software Application Lifecycle Management, Software Application Development and other IT services.

Our CIO/CTO Service offers the following:

  • IT Assessment reviews your business and IT organization to determine where they are aligned and where they are mismatched. We provide you with a custom-tailored report that shows you those areas where processes can be optimized.
  • IT Roadmap lays out the future vision of where your IT organization needs to be in order to be aligned with your company’s financial and strategic goals.
  • IT Executive Mentoring is a customized service designed with your IT executive team and our CIO/CTO Advisor to bring your team to a level that matches with your strategic goals.
  • Application Lifecycle Management Review looks at your IT processes and personnel to identify areas where those processes might need a little more guidance. You will then be presented with a document outlining how to bring your ALM process in-line with industry standards.
  • Software Cost Review determines if your current suite of software is costing you too much to run and maintain. A document with recommendations on where cost cutting might be appropriate will be presented.
  • Developer/Architect Skills Review is where we sit with each developer and find out their current skills and determine how well that aligns with your future roadmap. The result of this is a customized training plan for your team to ensure that they can meet your future development needs.
  • Board of Directors Advisor is where our CIO/CTO Advisor sits on your board of directors, if desired, to help other board members understand the role of technology within your company.
  • Contractor/Vendor Oversight will look at each of your vendor relationships and ensure they are not costing you too much and the right resources are being utilized.
  • Off-The-Shelf Software Selection assists your team with planning on how to purchase an off-the-shelf package. We can help with selecting the vendor, developing a formal RFP outlining your requirements and help to implement the new software package into your company.
  • Test Case Creation is a process whereby your business analysts, architects and developers are taught the fundamentals of how to create test cases that will help ensure quality software is delivered every time.
  • RFP Creation will have our CIO/CTO Advisor help you write a Request for Proposal (RFP) in such a way that your requirements are clearly spelled out. Having a clearly written RFP will ensure that the product and/or service you are requesting matches what will work in your environment.
  • RFP Response will have our CIO/CTO Advisor help you respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP). The correct format and correct response will mean that you win the bid and not one of your competitors.
  • Project Manager Mentoring is a seminar and mentoring designed to help your project managers become more productive and keep better track of their projects.
  • Best Practices for Estimating Projects is a seminar and mentoring that will help analysts, project managers, and developers get better at making estimates for projects.
  • Best Practices for Agile Work Management is a seminar and mentoring designed to help your project managers create an effective Agile work environment in order to deliver better quality software, on-time and on-budget.
  • Best Practices for Selecting Off-the-Shelf vs. Custom Software is a seminar and mentoring that will assist those responsible with the best choices for selecting where software should be developed.
  • Merger and Acquisition Planning If your company is about to be sold, acquired or merged with another company we can ensure your IT organization is ready for the transition. We can help with the IT department merging as well.
  • System Assessment reviews your current applications and systems that are in place and provides a comprehensive review of the current state of each.
  • System Road Map will present you with a guide of how to bring older systems up to date and create a schedule.
  • Architecture Mentoring is a review of current architectural techniques with your architecture team and ensure they are on-board with how to utilize these techniques.
  • Application Performance Review will examine performance bottlenecks in your applications and provide remediation guidelines on best ways to fix these problems.
  • SQL Server Performance Review will examine performance bottlenecks in your SQL Server, stored procedures, views, triggers and other database objects and provide remediation guidelines on best ways to fix these problems.
  • Application Security Review will examine your software applications for potential security holes. If you need to ensure HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or SOX compliance, we can help.
  • IT Infrastructure Assessment will review your current hardware and software that runs your company domain to ensure it meets your current and future demand.
  • IT Continuity Review determines if you are prepared in case of a disaster. The outcome of this review is to present a road map on areas for improvement.

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